Applied curricula

The enhanced national curriculum

Primary school

The enhanced national curriculum is taught as the primary curriculum in the primary grades of the Azerbaijani streams. The curriculum allows for the effective organization, purposeful and consistent implementation of all learning-related activities. In the teaching process, teachers use special and interactive methods to encourage students to participate in the lesson and approach them individually to explore and develop their potential.

Secondary school

The national curriculum is taught as the primary curriculum in secondary education. The biased education model is applied in the 10th and 11th grades.

Cambridge curriculum

The Centre is the leading school in Azerbaijan, offering both Cambridge and International Baccalaureate curricula. These specially designed curricula fully cover the international teaching process and give students abundant possibilities to realize their potential while studying with their peers in primary, lower and upper stages of education. The Cambridge International Programme includes primary (1-5) and lower and upper secondary education (6-10).

We are the official international school registered in the Cambridge Assessment International Education system, and the only examination centre owned by Cambridge University, the world's leading university. The Cambridge International Qualifications System instils in students the excitement of lifelong learning and the ability to acquire new knowledge consciously. Cambridge International School offers Cambridge (primary, lower secondary and upper secondary (IGCSE)) programmes for students aged 5-16.

Students begin preparing for higher education programmes after completing their IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) programme. Each student continues his/her education through the higher education programme in the 11th grade, based on the chosen profession. IELTS and SAT exam preparations are also included in the 11th-grade programme at the XXI Century International Education and Innovation Centre. These courses are designed to improve the academic skills of students and give them additional advantages when applying to universities both in Azerbaijan and abroad. Besides, our Centre offers AS/A Level programs, with the Cambridge International A Level usually lasting two years and the Cambridge International AS Level one year. Cambridge International Cambridge International AS and A Level programmes allow students to choose among 55 subjects in almost any combination. As a result, students can select from a wide range of programmes or specializations.

Cambridge International AS and A Levels are equivalent to the AS and A Levels studied in the UK schools. This allows students to study at many prestigious universities, including all British universities and universities in Ireland, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Canada.

“Kipinä” curriculum

“Kipinä” curriculum is based on the learning concept defined in "Basic National Curriculum on Preschool Education and Teaching" of Finland and the results of recent research on child development.

It aims to help children start school life successfully and acquire various skills required throughout their lives through play-based learning.

The “Kipina” curriculum covers six key areas and innovative activities that focus on each child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.

  1. Cognitive development through exploration and play
  2. Numeracy
  3. Literacy, communication and language
  4. Relationship and character development
  5. Physical development and Wellness Awareness
  6. Cultural awareness and diversity

The skills and learning outcomes provided in our curriculum and six forms of activity support the development of 21st-century skills. Children develop innovative thinking and problem-solving skills by asking questions to the teacher and participating in daily activities using critical thinking, creativity, communication and interaction skills.


  1.  Teaching in 3 languages (Azerbaijani, Russian, English);
  2. Safe and clean rooms;
  3. Infrastructure enhancing imagination and creativity;
  4. CCTV system;
  5. Educational games;
  6. Special medical care;
  7. Mobile application;
  8. Food service four times a day.

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