\"Lemonade Day: Cultivating Future Entrepreneurs\" program



"Lemonade Day: Cultivating Future Entrepreneurs" program will be organized in our Centre.

As the 21st Century International Education and Innovation Centre, we are happy to announce that on November 14, 2023, "Lemonade Day", which is considered an innovative educational event, will be organized in our Centre. This initiative is included in the list of events that will be held in the framework of the World Forum on SMEs, which will be organized jointly by the International Council for Small Business (ICSB) and the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (SMBD) in Baku on November 13-16, 2023, and will give students the excitement of entrepreneurship. and will provide a platform to learn its secrets. 'Lemonade Day' is a comprehensive educational experience that provides real business experience in a school environment. The program of the event contains important elements for training future business leaders. The day's program has been carefully prepared for students to fully understand the essence of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. Students will explore the concept of entrepreneurship and discuss goal setting, meeting needs, and problem solving. Young entrepreneurs will also be encouraged to think critically about what makes their business ideas unique, research current market trends and try to understand what appeals to today's consumers.

Defining the target audience and developing effective marketing strategies will also be key components of this program.

'The Lemonade Day' experience promises students a day full of hands-on learning, creative problem solving, and applying financial strategies. On that day, Students will simulate the real economy using special banknotes (LIM) valid in the Central courtyard. This controlled economic ecosystem will provide valuable experiences for competition, marketing and business management classes.

For your information, let's note that in "Entrepreneurship Training - Lemonade Day" the participation of students from several other schools is planned in addition to the students studying at our Centre.