The facilities of the Centre:

  1. Building I, with secondary and high school with a total area of about 3,000 square meters, the building II, with primary classes and streams operating on international programs, with a total area of about 5,500 square meters
  2. Preschool building with a total area of about 900 square meters, where nursery and preschool education groups operate
  3. Gallery, about 150 square meters, used for the organization of various exhibitions and events
  4. Swimming pool (18 m, 1.7 m deep)
  5. Imaginarium (Inside the preschool)
  6. Assembly hall (200 people)
  7. Dining halls (two dining rooms about 550 square meters)
  8. Indoor gym (about 150 square meters)
  9. Medical room
  10. STEAM centre (Includes computer, chemistry, physics and biology laboratories, robotics, art and music rooms)
  11. Green park area
  12. Outdoor play area
  13. Library with more than 6,000 fiction, encyclopedias, dictionaries, more than 6,500 textbooks, about 1,000 disks, more than 200 posters, more than 500 visual aids