Since 2019, the Nursery and Preschool of the Centre have been operating under the global and officially licensed “Kipinä” brand based on the Finnish curriculum.

"Kipinä" curriculum

"Kipinä" curriculum is based on the learning concept defined in "Basic National Curriculum on Preschool Education and Teaching" of Finland and the results of recent research on child development.

It aims to help children successfully start school life and acquire various skills required throughout their lives through play-based learning.

The "Kipina" curriculum covers six key domains and innovative activities that focus on each child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development.

  1. Cognitive development through exploration and play
  2. Numeracy
  3. Literacy, communication and language
  4. Relationship and character development
  5. Physical development and wellness awareness
  6. Cultural awareness and diversity

The skills and learning outcomes provided in our curriculum and six domains of activity support the development of 21st-century skills. Children develop innovative thinking and problem-solving skills by asking questions to the teacher and participating in daily activities that require critical thinking, creativity, communication and interaction skills.


  1. Teaching in 3 languages (Azerbaijani, Russian, English)
  2. Safe and clean rooms
  3. Infrastructure enhancing imagination and creativity
  4. CCTV system
  5. Educational games
  6. Special medical care
  7. Mobile application
  8. Food service-four times a day.

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