Admission rules

The Centre includes the preschool (nursery, preschool department) and secondary school.

Admission to preschool education:

Children aged 3-5 are admitted to the preschool. Admission to the preschool for the next academic year begins in March and ends in early August.

Admission to the school: :

  1. Students from the 1st grade to the 11th grade are admitted to the primary, secondary and high school.
  2. Admission to the 1st grade runs from March 1 to July 1 and is based on a test that determines a student's level of readiness for school.
  3. The mock exam is held in June. In this case, the level of readiness is measured by the following concepts:
  4. Level of intellectual readiness; the ability to perceive the surroundings; formation of mental processes (attention, memory, perception);
  5. Possession of certain knowledge; ability to distinguish tasks given by adults;
  6. Development of fine motor skills;
  7. Ability to hold a pen, pencil; ability to work with plasticine and various objects;
  8. Child’s desire and readiness to study at school.
  9. Student's admission to grades 2-11 starts on May 1 and is limited to available seats.
  10. The admission process ends on August 15. After this date, the admission can be considered based on an appeal to the school administration in special cases.
  11. Upon admission to the school, students complete a psychological test to measure their intellectual level, creative abilities and personal qualities. Then, a test exam on different subjects is held to determine their level of knowledge.
  12. The school reserves the right not to admit children whose level of knowledge and mental state do not correspond to the curriculum.
  13. Classes are formed based on the students’ age and gender balance. In most classes, students have different levels of mastery of the curriculum.
  14. The curriculum, therefore, can be taught in modules that take into account the individual characteristics and potential skills of each child.
  15. If the students' entrance exam results are not satisfactory, students can be admitted to the school on a conditional basis. In this case, the student’s understanding of lessons for a certain period is assessed.
  16. Students who do not achieve satisfactory results in this period are expelled from school by the conditional agreement.