Strategic goals


To be a school that provides our students with the necessary opportunities to grow up as happy and successful individuals, to provide them with the fundamental lifelong skills, and to be a school they will be proud to graduate from.


Our main mission is to raise happy individuals.

We acknowledge that happiness is the ultimate human goal, and we believe that people who achieve it at every stage of their lives will be more successful, creative, and initiative, and will contribute more to humanity as a whole.

We want children to enjoy learning, to realize their full potential effectively, and to grow into leaders who are committed to lifelong learning.

Therefore, we provide a positive, safe, interactive, encouraging and yet very demanding environment for children's successful learning, while also taking into account and evaluating their individual characteristics.


As a Centre, we embrace the following values, refer to them in our activities, and instill them in our students.

Responsibility and honesty

We realize the importance of responsibility and honesty in the academic environment, guide them in our work and profession at every stage of our activities, and promote these values to our students by building honest and responsible relationships with our partners and employees.


We understand the power of collaboration and recognize that the value added by effective teamwork exceeds the value added separately. As a result, we support each other, work as a team and build close relationships with our partners to achieve our goals and add value to our society.
At the same time, we recognize that solving future problems requires effective collaboration and teamwork, and we strive to ensure that our students, who are trained as potential future leaders, acquire these skills from school age.

Respect and care

We respect and care for each other, our partners, all kinds of differences and the environment at all stages of our activities. We also want our students to be more respectful and kind in all aspects of school life.

An open mind to innovation and a growth mindset

In a constantly changing world, having a growth mindset, curiosity, adaptability, open-mindedness, a desire for innovation is essential to success. We recognize that development is possible through purposeful work and dedication and demonstrate a strong desire and determination to acquire new knowledge and skills, strive for progress, and learn continuously.
We try to build the growth mindset idea among parents, and students to encourage all participants in the learning process to focus on evaluating student efforts to help students reach their full potential.


We focus on excellence by ensuring that our employees do their best to achieve our goals, are proud of their achievements, and are open to change and learn from others. This value enables us to provide effective and productive systems. At the same time, we expect the best from ourselves and each other in terms of academic, social, and behavioural terms.
In this context, we strive to establish the necessary supportive environment that increases the effectiveness of the learning process so that our students can fully demonstrate their potential and get the best possible results.

Commitment to national and spiritual values

In addition, one of our main priorities is to ensure that each of our students is committed to the homeland, national and spiritual values, and proud of them at any stage of their lives, regardless of where they are or what position they hold.

Student profile

As a center, we aim to ensure that our students and graduates have the qualities and characteristics shown in the student profile, and we are focused on all our activities to train students in accordance with this profile.

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Strategic development directions

The Strategic Development Plan 2020-2025 identifies five main and twelve sub-development directions:


1.1. Continuous improvement of student achievements
1.2. Continuous improvement of educational management
1.3. Provision of a holistic approach preparing for the future


2.1. Continuous development of infrastructure
2.2. Establishment of system management
2.3. Further development of human resources


3.1. Provision of sustainable development and profitability
3.2. Adherence to the principles of productive and corporate management


4.1. Development of effective brand management system
4.2. Improvement of Customer relationship management system (CRM)


5.1. Development of relations with key partners
5.2. Expansion of other partnerships and implementation of corporate social responsibility projects