Bright minds

Our center announces the "Bright minds" discount exam to encourage talented students and support their educational life! 

Students who score high by taking the exam in the Azerbaijani section will be able to take advantage of preferential education.

The exam will be held on May 14; 
Participation is for grades 5-7 (It will be applied for the 2022-2023 academic year); 
The exam is held in the Azerbaijan section; 
The main purpose is to measure the logical and mathematical thinking of talented students studying in their mother language, to discover their potential and to give them the opportunity to study in a private educational institution.

Based on the results of the exam, discounts will be applied as follows:

Students with a score of 90% or higher score 100% discount
Students with a score of 85% or higher score 50% discount
Students with a score of 75% or higher score
 20% discount

1. Registration for participation in the exam is paid and is 50 AZN. 

2. To participate in the exam, you need to register on the official website of the Center and make the appropriate payment. 

3. When registering, it is necessary to add the note "Bright Intelligence" in the application form to the "Note" section.  

4. After registration, we will contact you and provide you with the appropriate code. You will be able to make a payment by entering this code.

5. You can make a payment at ExpressPay terminals (Menu => Education => XXI Century => Code) or by entering the appropriate code     at

Deadline for registration: May 10, 2022 

Note: This program is a social project implemented to support and encourage talented students. We would like to inform you that the discount is applied to 20 students who will study at the Center. In case of a large number of the same result, discounts will be applied according to the ranking.  

Note: The division is defined as follows: 100% discount for 2 people, 50% discount for 3 people, 20% discount for 15 people.

Results of the exam held on May 14, 2022